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Columbine Connections
Columbine Connections
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The 'Columbine Connections' Service No Longer Exists.
I've only left this page here for historical reasons
The links & phone numbers listed here have been

The following is was obtained from the
Columbine Connections Hand-out.
A Community Assistance and Resource Center

FACT Sheet

A community resource center for students, parents, staff and other community members
in the Columbine and South Jefferson County areas.

Collaboration with:
  • Jefferson County Sheriff's Victim Assistance Of five
  • 1st Judicial District Attorney's Of five of Victim Assistance
  • Jefferson Center for Mental Health
  • Foothills Park and Recreation District
  • Jefferson County Schools
  • PACCT (Parents and Community Connecting Together)
The purpose of this collaborative effort is to:
  • develop a specialized victims' assistance and compensation, and mental health,
    response capability that is located in the community.
  • provide easy access to a wide array of services, information and opportunities
    they need in order to heal from this violent and tragic event.
Include close training and collaboration linkages with all significant community
institutions (faith community, health facilities, major employers, recreation
providers, and others) who are in a position to support or identify those in need
of support during their recovery.

Additional Project Goals:
  • Employ mental health professionals with special training and interest in the
    effects of trauma on children, youth, adults and family systems, and offer a wide
    variety of formal and informal treatment and service delivery opportunities in
    order to meet the individual needs of community members. These services, whenever
    possible, will be offered "where people are," both physically and emotionally.
  • Develop, maintain and disseminate information on all aspects of trauma recovery
    and link those impacted by the tragedy to other parts of the community that
    provide services that can aid in that recovery.
  • Develop specialized programming for affected youth in order to offer them a
    safe place, both physical and emotional, in which to process the wide range of
    emotions this tragedy has evoked.

    The services and assistance to be offered from these facilities will include:
    • victim's compensation assistance
    • victim's advocacy services
    • survivor counseling
    • scheduled and immediate mental health counseling
    • parent education and support services
    • parent and adolescent peer counseling
    • creative and recreational activities for adolescents and families
    • a teen drop-in center (SHOUTS - Students Helping Others Unite Together Socially)
    • community outreach and linkages with other community resources that offer support
      and activities for community members. These linkages will include Foothills Park
      and Recreation District, athletic leagues, the faith community, the arts community
      and the education systems.
SHOUTS has been open since May 27th, 1999

Located at and near the Sun Plaza and Ascot Theatre at 9136 W. Bowles Avenue, 303-###-7977.

For additional Information contact
Columbine Connections at (303)-###-7977
or visit
You may also contact the Jefferson Center for Mental Health
(the group operating it) at:
Jeanne Oliver, Vice President Communications
Jefferson Center for Mental Health 303-###-5174

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